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Perfect Fits

LL_Perfect-Fit_Pleated_Voile Cobalt_Came

Our Perfect Fit Blinds are excellent for many reasons. They offer a modern look to the home but are also very practical and contemporary. 

Our Perfect Fit Blinds come in:

Roller Blind

Pleated Blinds

Venetian Blinds

  • Modern and Contemporary

  • Can fit into any area especially on doors which open inwards unlike other blinds which need more space.

  • A large range in fabrics and styles

  • Very little gaps as it is a Perfect Fit – excellent for privacy and light

  • Excellent for child safety as there are no cords

  • Small and space saving – keeps window sills free

  • Can be removed and re-fitted easily if need be for cleaning

  • Can be complimented with battery power


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