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As a home-owner, you know the importance of cost-effective investment to add value to your home. 

Electric awnings for ease of use
Our electric awning range is carefully designed to be easy to use, with the touch of a finger to raise or lower awnings and canopies to shade you from the sun, or to let in a bit more light. With our motorised awnings, you no longer have to crank manually to extend them or reel them back in. Just like with our blinds, this automatic awning operation is a nearly silent one, as well as being aesthetically pleasing for the casing.

A great range of sunshade and awing solutions

Whatever your needs, you are sure to find a solution with OUR products. We have over 170 awning fabrics, either to blend into your residential décor, or on the contrary, to make a statement. With 200 frame colours, you are also sure that your awning solution will be the right one for your home or your business. Our awning guide will assist you in your choice, loaded with photos and technical information and specifications.

We have qualified personnel to assist you with this ever so important choice of a sunshade solution for your home or your business.

  • Customised solutions for electric awnings, motorised awnings and canopies

  • Strict quality control for your peace of mind

  • Quick delivery options to enjoy your awnings this summer

  • 174 different fabrics and over 200 different frame colours


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